D'Amore e Tormenti (2008)

Personal notes

After a period in which personal torments used up all of our energy, our friend and producer Nicolás Basarrate rang us to invite us to record this CD which we are now releasing. We didn’t think that we would have the energy to tackle this challenge, but we also thought that the melancholic spirit that engulfed us could help us in this project of love, passion, loss and torment. Therefore, we accepted. And the feared –but finally absent- effort turned into enjoyment. We hid out in the Basque countryside for three unforgettable days, during which the music was accompanied by birds singing, torrential rain, a marvellous sun and winter cold. The voice had fun with the changes but so much humidity, dryness, sun and cold drove the theorbo crazy. It was like travelling from North to South in a minute, but the tranquillity of the place was finally able to overcome it. The nuns who took care of the convent and lived there accompanied us in this undertaking, spending long periods of time sitting in silence and smiling as they listened how we sustained this completely profane and carnal music.

Raquel Andueza