In Paradiso (2012)

IN PARADISO. Italian music from the 17th century, with sacred and moral themes. Ten songs with ten very different stories, and a very different approach. They include a girl who does not want to be a nun and an Arianna transformed into Mary Magdalene who is very profanely torn apart by the death of Jesus Christ; all of which is accompanied by three moral songs which warn us of the dangers of not being virtuous, a mystical sonnet by Domenico Mazocchi with words in Spanish, and other expressive songs such as the visionary lullaby by Tarquinio Merula, the Stabat Mater of Giovanni F. Sances and the Cantata Spirituale by Benedetto Ferrari.

Would you like to hear some excerpts from their new cd?”

In Paradiso (2012) - Vana Bergamasca (extracto)

In Paradiso (2012) - Lamento della Maddalena (extracto)