Yo soy la locura (2011)

Personal notes

First record by La Galanía and first recording by the record company Anima e Corpo. Needless to say that our excitement and emotion are barely containable on presenting this album. We have chosen a special repertoire for the occasion: Spanish music from the 17th century and also music originating from French, Italian and English collections with text in Spanish. Some songs are very well known, and we believe that this is the first recording in existence of some of the others. For instrumentation we decided to solely use plucked string instruments: the baroque guitar as the essential instrument of the period and the theorbo, which was also omnipresent in Europe in the 17th century, as a support and basso continuo. The work, during both preparation and recording, was a real pleasure, as the variety of recordings presented by the fifteen cuts of the record meant that we enjoyed each piece in an entirely different way. I remember how, for example, after recording the song I am insanity we felt like we had just been injected with energy to work for hours and, on the other hand, after I know that I am dying of love, although the work was planned to continue for a couple more hours, we could not carry on recording because we were completely drained. It is certainly a real pleasure for us that these feelings and memories are captured for ever in this little 12 x 12 cm box.

Raquel Andueza.